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Newsletter Two

25 October 2006 7:04pm

Newsletter Two is available below.


  • There is an issue with the pole vault progressions that will be resolved in the next 48 hours.
  • The order of field events has been significantly revised to accommodate the AWD events and to have all competition in the main stadium.

Christchurch Information

12 October 2006 7:21pm

Two PDFs of useful Christchurch information has been prepared by the local sports directors office.

Track and Field Newsletter One

27 July 2006 11:00pm

Newsletter One is available for the Track and Field and Road Race Championships.

New Balance Awards

19 June 2006 5:34pm

The New Balance Awards and the NZSSAA Team from the Cross Country Championships is available on the Selected Teams page.

Results Online

17 June 2006 4:05pm

Results for the Cross Country championships are available. Please follow directions on the Entries/Results page.

Newsletter One - Updated

24 May 2006 8:01pm

Newsletter One has been updated is now available.

T-Shirt Design, Course Map

24 May 2006 8:01pm

The t-shirt design and course map are available from the Information page for this competition

Online Entries

7 May 2006 10:30pm

Entries are now open. See Entry Procedures for more information.

Through the entries system for this competition you will be able to pay this year’s affiliation fee.

Cross Country Newsletter

7 May 2006 10:29pm

The final draft of Newsletter One is now available.

Entries for this Championship will be open until 14 June.

South Island Results

10 April 2006 4:00pm

The results from the South Island Championships are can be viewed online from Entries/Results.

North Island Results

5 April 2006 10:38am

The results from the North Island Championships are at this stage available in PDF format.

South Island Entries

19 March 2006 3:00pm

Entries are now open for the South Island Championships.

Please visit the Entry Procedures page if you are a regional selector to get started.

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