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H1N1 (Swine Flu) Situation

18 June 2009 4:18pm

We have been following developments in the efforts to contain the H1N1 virus and its effect on people’s health to determine its impact on our Cross Country championships this year. While we consider it appropriate to continue with the championships as planned we ask that anyone who has influenza symptoms or who think they might possibly have possibly been exposed to the virus not to take part and stay at home. If anyone has the symptoms associated with influenza they should definitely not run. Whether or not these symptoms mean athletes have the H1N1 virus or are affected by other viruses or bacterial infections already present in our community will probably not be known but it is sensible to be very cautious about the amount of stress athletes place on themselves when unwell. We ask Team Managers and Caregivers to closely monitor the health status of the competitors they are responsible for and to make sensible decisions about whether or not they should compete. We also ask that anyone who feels unwell to isolate themselves as much as possible and not attend the prizegiving, disco or wave rave in the interests of both their own health and the health of others.

Cross Country Entries

15 June 2009 9:45pm

A list of entries is available for the Cross Country Championships.

Please note that any changes or late entries must be emailed to oe@nzssaa.org.nz.

Wave Rave

15 June 2009 9:10am

The tickets for the cross country disco went in a hurry, and we are sorry to those who missed out this year. Managers, please bring any spare tickets with you to the disco to sell to those who are still hopeful of getting in.

As an alternative, the manager of the ASB Aquatic Centre in Richmond (500 metres from the course off Main Road Stoke) said he would put on a Wave Rave from 7pm until 9pm Saturday if he could be guaranteed 100 boys and girls. A Wave Rave is generated by the pool’s wave machine and some loud music. There is a cafe, and attendees can purchase burgers, chips, drinks, etc. There also is a spa pool.

If you are interested in the Wave Rave alternative, you must commit by sending an e-mail to greglautenslager@xtra.co.nz. Simply write your school name and number of Wave Rave guests you expect to attend. No message is necessary.

And don’t forget to bring your togs. Cost will be $5 per person.

World Schools Cross Country Nomination Form

15 June 2009 9:08am

The nomination form for the World Schools Cross Country 2010 is available below. Please note that nominations are due by Friday 26 June.

Barefoot Runners

15 June 2009 9:05am

It is recommended that runners wear spikes if at all possible. There are sections of the course with gravel and prickles that make it not particularly suitable for bare feet. However, team managers of runners intending to compete barefooted can exchange their athletes transponders designed for shoe attachment for ones attached to ankle straps when they pick up their managers packs. It would be appreciated if we could be pre-warned as to which athletes want to compete barefooted so that we can begin the process of allocating the transponders before race day. Managers are asked to email the names of athletes requiring ankle straps to oe@nzssaa.org.nz as soon as possible please.

Timing System for Cross Country Championships

7 June 2009 8:35pm

This year we will be using an electronic timing system for recording times and placings rather than the finish shute and place disks system used in the past. There will be a video backup in the unlikely event of a timing failure. However, in order to have a time and place recorded every runner must wear the timing tag issued to them and attached by one of the methods as shown in the document below. The timing tags will come with full instructions in the managers packs.

World Schools Cross Country 2010 Update

1 June 2009 12:02pm

Updated information relating to the 2010 ISF World Schools Cross Country Championships is available.

New IAAF Running Website

29 May 2009 8:13pm

The IAAF has launched a new programme as part of their Athletics’ World Plan. There is interesting information and Adidas apparel awards that many younger athletes may qualify for!

Cross Country T-Shirts

16 May 2009 4:44pm

Orders are now being taken for the official 2009 New Zealand Secondary Schools’ Cross Country t-shirts. The t-shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and available in sizes from children’s 14 to extra large. The cost is $20 each.

T-shirts will be placed with the school’s race packets and can be picked up at registration. The deadline for the t-shirt orders is June 10. There will be a very limited supply on sale at the race headquarters at Saxton Field.

Top Performances at the Pacific School Games Canberra December 2008

12 May 2009 5:06pm

NZSSAA was represented by 99 athletes at these games and the level of achievement was very pleasing. Thank you to Alec McNab and his management team and to all the athletes involved in what was an excellent and enjoyable experience.

Course Photos and Map

30 April 2009 10:05am

A map of the Cross Country course and photos are available.

Cross Country Newsletter & Entries

27 April 2009 11:54am

The newsletter for the Cross Country Championships is available.

Entries are also now open. To get started, visit Entry Procedures.

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