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Track and Field Newsletter One

13 August 2007 11:24pm

Newsletter One is available for the Track and Field and Road Race Championships.

A flyer advertising accommodation and food packages is also available.

Cross Country Photos

18 June 2007 7:42pm

Photographs from the Cross Country are available for viewing and purchase. More information on the Photos page.

NZSSAA Team & New Balance Awards

17 June 2007 7:55pm

The New Balance Awards winners list and the NZSSAA Team from the Cross Country Championship is available on the Selected Teams page.

Cross Country Results

16 June 2007 3:20pm

Results for the Cross Country championships are available. Please follow directions on the Entries/Results page.

Cross Country Info

5 June 2007 10:05pm

A course map is available from the Information page for this competition.

The Athlete Disco and Managers’ Social is from 7.30pm-11.00pm.

Online Entries

30 April 2007 11:31pm

Entries are now open. See Entry Procedures for more information.

Through the entries system for this competition you will be able to pay this year’s affiliation fee.

Cross Country Newsletter

30 April 2007 1:46pm

The newsletter for the Cross Country Championships is now available.

Note that this will be the only newsletter – all additional or updated information will be communicated on this website.

North Island Results

3 April 2007 7:25pm

Results from the North Island Championships are available. Please follow directions on the Entries/Results page.

North Island's Information

28 March 2007 9:28pm

The venue for the North Island championships is Towers Track, Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland.

Programme, and information to competitors is available from the competition information page.

South Island AGM

26 March 2007 8:51pm

The South Island Secondary Schools Athletics Association AGM in Dunedin in Friday evening 23 March considered the recommendation of the NZSSSC Board that the South and North Island Championships be discontinued and that they be replaced at this time of year by the National Secondary Schools Championships which is currently held in December. The Meeting was addressed by Clive Rennie, Chairman of the NZSSC Board.

After discussion a motion affirming the continuation of the present structure was passed, with one against and one abstention.

Construction of the all-weather track in Nelson is well under way but the surface will not be laid in time for 2008. It was therefore agreed that the 2008 South Island Secondary Schools Championships be held in Timaru. The date will be confirmed when the effect on the Term One calender, of the early occurance of Easter next year has been determined.

South Island Results

26 March 2007 8:00pm

Results from the South Island Championships are available. Please follow directions on the Entries/Results page.

South Island Champs

20 March 2007 10:54pm

The following three documents were published to RSDs this morning. Please note that the programme is significantly different to the standard order of events agreed at lsat year’s AGM.

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