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South Island Results

7 April 2005 9:42pm

The results from the South Island Championships are at this stage available in PDF format. Also available are the minutes from the AGM.

North Island Results

4 April 2005 10:13am

The results from the North Island Championships are at this stage available in PDF format.

South Island Records

31 March 2005 8:29pm

The records for the South Island Championships are below.

Please note that times or marks from the 2004 Championships in Timaru are still subject to ratification at the 2005 AGM.

Where there is also a hand timed record published for an event, that is the record, the Meet Record in that case is the best Electronic Time to date.

A list of records for the North Island Championships is currently unavailable.

North Island Champs

3 March 2005 3:43pm

Entries are open online for the North Island Championships via the following address. Entries are made by the regional selectors. Make sure to submit your nominations to the regional selectors at your local championships.

Documents available:

South Island Champs

23 February 2005 12:00pm

Some documents are available for the South Island Championships. They are:

All correspondence should be directed to Fiona Ward and Brenda Pannett at rsdsouth@ihug.co.nz

Photos from National Champs

20 February 2005 7:12pm

Some photos for the 2004 Track and Field championships are available.

NZSSAA Team & Awards

18 December 2004 9:46pm

The NZSSAA Track and Field and Road Race Teams are available below, as are the recipients of the New Balance Awards.

Road Race Results

10 December 2004 2:34pm

div(update). UPDATE: The team results listed below have been revised and corrections made affecting the Year 9 Girls 3-Person and Junior Boys 3-Person results. Additionally results are now available for positions outside of the top three in these files.

Road Race results are now available. They are as below:

Illness from Champs

10 December 2004 1:43pm

Many officials, athletes, team managers and supporters at the College Games have been badly effected by vomiting and diarrohea. Public Health authorities are trying to determine the cause of the problem and we will keep people updated as soon as we receive any information from them. The contamination appears to have come from food which may have been prepared by someone carrying a virus.

The Local Organizing Committee extends its sympathy to everyone who was ill and wishes them all a speedy recovery.

Bendigo Athlete Results

8 December 2004 11:15pm

A summary of the correct finals results for the athletes competing in Bendigo and our national championships is below.

We apologise for the late posting of these results due to illness of the results officials.

Results Anomalies

5 December 2004 8:16pm

Complete results from the championships are now in and available. Please note however that currently some relay results and road races are missing.

Additionally due to the replacement of athletes returning from Australia and difficulties performing this procedure the names of winners in some events are not those of the persons who actually ran.

This (probably) applies particularly to Senior Girls 100H, 100, 200 Semi Finals and Finals and also Senior Boys 100.

Viewing Results for Champs

1 December 2004 3:19pm

When results become available during the course of the competition, this is where the results will also be.

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