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Cross Country Newsletter

7 May 2006 10:29pm

The final draft of Newsletter One is now available.

Entries for this Championship will be open until 14 June.

South Island Results

10 April 2006 4:00pm

The results from the South Island Championships are can be viewed online from Entries/Results.

North Island Results

5 April 2006 10:38am

The results from the North Island Championships are at this stage available in PDF format.

South Island Entries

19 March 2006 3:00pm

Entries are now open for the South Island Championships.

Please visit the Entry Procedures page if you are a regional selector to get started.

North Island Entries

18 March 2006 6:21pm

Entries are now open for the North Island Championships.

Please visit the Entry Procedures page if you are a regional selector to get started.

South Island Information

5 March 2006 1:00pm

Some preliminary information is available regarding the South Island Championships.

North Island Champs

15 February 2006 2:52pm

The following information is available in regard to the North Island Championships.

NZSSAA Team & New Balance Awards

17 December 2005 4:00pm

The updated New Balance Awards winners list and the NZSSAA Team now including the Track and Field Championships is available on the Selected Teams page.

Young Olympians 2006

16 December 2005 1:16pm

The information about and application forms for the Young Olympians 2006 Camp are now available.

Results for Track & Field Champs

11 December 2005 8:00pm

Preliminary results from the Track and Field and Road Race Championships are available. Please follow directions on the Entries/Results page.

Event Times Preliminary

1 December 2005 10:31am

div(update). UPDATE3: The draft programme is now available linked below or from the Information page.

div(update). UPDATE2: At this stage the programme looks like it will be available Thursday morning at the earliest.

div(update). UPDATE: A draft programme has been prepared that is going to be reviewed tomorrow at a meeting. We would hope to have the programme here on Wednesday.

Event times at this stage are only preliminary. The detailed timed programme will be available on Monday morning.

T-Shirt Orders

29 November 2005 7:00pm

div(update). UPDATE2: T-shirts orders are re-open online until entries close at midnight Friday.

div(update). UPDATE: Pre-ordering t-shirts is no longer available. Orders may be placed at the Championships however.

Please remember that you can still order t-shirts despite the prompt entry period being over.

The design is available on the information page and orders can be placed in the online entries area for your school.

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