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Late Entry Fee Delayed

8 June 2003 12:35am

The late entry fee that was due to be applied to all entries submitted for the New Zealand Secondary Schools Cross Country Championships 2003 after the 30 May, was delayed until the 3 June.

This means that you had until midnight on Tuesday, 3 June, 2003 to submit your entries before they incurred a late entry fee.

Online entries will be accepted only until midnight on the 13 June 2003 as previously announced.

T-Shirt Design & Disco

21 May 2003 3:15am

The design of the t-shirt available to participants in the 30th New Zealand Secondary Schools Cross Country is available.

Disco Tickets
There is a limited number of disco tickets available. The 600 tickets will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Entries Open

4 May 2003 3:52pm

Online Entries for the New Zealand Secondary Schools Cross Country Championships are now open.

To get started, visit “Online Entries” on the left, or go to this link. You will need to have your school’s access code and password ready.

Please report any problems you experience using the system to the contact details supplied in the Help section.

2003 Cross Country Champs

6 April 2003 2:12am

Further information about the online entries process has been put online.

This contains:

  • How entries will be made
  • How will they know what to expect in the Entry Form?
  • Time Out
  • When Entries are submitted
  • Payment

It can be downloaded, as a PDF from here.

North Island Champs

5 April 2003 6:02pm

Track and Field results are available for the North Island Secondary Schools Athletic Championships. They are available as PDF documents:

Please note that the results published for the North Island Champs are in the form in which we received them.

South Island Champs

21 March 2003 1:17am

div(update). UPDATE: To get to the South Island results directly, click on Entries/Results for the competition on the left in the navigation and select the event you wish you view.

Information available for the South Island Secondary Schools Athletics Championships.

Young Olympians 2003

10 December 2002 12:36pm

The information pack and application form for the Young Olympians 2003 are now available. Both are in Adobe Acrobat format and can be downloaded from below.

Results Online

8 December 2002 11:13pm

Results are now online for the Adidas NZ Secondary Schools Athletic Championships. We trust a great time was had by all.

The problems with the road race results have now been resolved.

Results Delayed

7 December 2002 11:05pm

Due to unsuitable weather conditions and other contributing factors, the results from Day One will not be available this evening. Furthermore no results will be available online until tomorrow evening. We apologise profusely for this, however the circumstances surrounding this are unavoidable and to an extent out of our control.

Please note that information contained on this site cannot be guaranteed to be the most up to date. This should be taken into consideration when using information contained on the site. Any queries relating to the authenticity and reliability of information should be directed to the relevant authorities.

Inglewood Track & Field

7 December 2002 12:33pm

As the Adidas NZ Secondary Schools Athletic Championships in Inglewood have been interrupted due to unsuitable weather conditions, the results from Day One will not be posted online until later this evening.

Those who subscribe to the email announcements service will receive notifcation on arrival of the results.

Managers' Meeting

3 December 2002 9:12pm

The Managers’ Meeting
Time: 7:00 pm Friday 6 December

Inglewood High School Hall
Kelly Street entrance

The Managers’ Meeting will be followed by the AGM of the NZSSAA.

Taranaki Champs Entries

26 November 2002 9:12pm

div(update). UPDATE: Entries processed since the first posting online are now also available for checking.

The entires received thus far for the Adidas New Zealand Secondary Schools Athletic Championships 2002 are now available online for checking.

There are some late entries yet to be processed and hence are not available on the site yet.

Please visit this page2 to start checking your entries.

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