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49th New Zealand Secondary School Track, Field and 46th Road Race Championships 2022


The Official Photographer will be Mr Ken Davies.

A Google Drive folder is shared below, which will have multiple folders of photos of various aspects of the event. All photos will be named using the same protocol, which is:

  • Prefaced by Date formatted by MMDDYY (Month-day-Year, which always retains logical filing) followed by a descriptor (activity) and a unique photo number.

The master folder will be updated with folders specific to each day as we complete photos for that day.

Also, there will probably be a separate folder for sundry activities / observations; ‘Just for interest’ shots, plus another for volunteers / officials.

All photos will be medium resolution (up to 10 * 8), but Ken Davies will retain high-resolution versions separately. If there are any requests for these larger size, let Ken know, quoting the file name.